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PropTech Germany Award

REAL PropTech Pitches 2021

Award for the best pitches

In each category, the pitch with the best staging of company and product will receive the award „Best Pitch 2021 [in the respective category].“ The 8 winners will receive a signet to use on their website as well as on social media. In addition, the winners will be placed on the blackprint Booster channels and can look forward to additional exposure and reach. From all eight winners, a jury will determine an overall winner. This winner can look forward to the main prize sponsored by Feldhoff & CIE with a total value of € 20,000.

Main Prize: Management Coaching
& Network Integration worth € 20,000

The winner will receive two management coaching sessions on strategic market positioning in the real estate industry as well as one year’s participation (network integration) in the Real Estate Forum series to establish/expand and consolidate their national market presence.

Within the scope of two management coaching sessions, FCI Chairman Paul Jörg Feldhoff actively advises and accompanies the management in their strategic market positioning in the real estate industry. The focus is on the strategic and operational expansion of the positioning of the company and the management.

Two participants from the management team will be involved in all six events of the Real Estate Forum series. The half-day congresses offer the opportunity to establish/expand and consolidate contacts with decision-makers in the real estate and finance industries through cost-effective, year-round and supra-regional market presence. In addition, the company and its management can position themselves in relevant regions of Germany.

The program of the half-day congresses includes top-class industry-specific presentations, industry-external impulses, panel discussions and subsequent networking events with dinner speakers in attractive locations. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 80. The media partner is Immobilien Manager Verlag.

The Jury

Paul Jörg Feldhoff

Feldhoff & CIE.

Philipp Liebold

brickalize GmbH

Prof. Dr. Verena Rock

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences

Bianca Praetorius

Pitching Trainer

Manuel Niederhofer

Aachener Grundvermögen Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

Sara Kukovec

Ten Brinke Group

Heike Gündling

EUCON Digital GmbH

Janna Zielinski

Strategy & Digital Consultant

Arash Houshmand

Ampolon Ventures

About the event

The REAL PropTech Pitches – as a new event format – will take place for the first time on March 04 & 05, 2021. The organizers are the Real Digital Experts from blackprint Booster. The REAL PropTech Pitches is the largest event for the presentation of digital solutions for the areas of project development, planning, construction, operation, financing and marketing of real estate.

Over 230 national and international PropTech teams will present themselves and their offerings in the form of a short pitch as well as in company profiles on the digital platform talque in two days. The group of participants consists of PropTech companies, real estate professionals, investors, as well as representatives of associations. The event will focus on pitching, sales and matchmaking.

Main prize sponsor

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